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Heh. My quote made a blog. Gee, Trish, all your accomplishments in the past few years should pay off many-fold. Maybe you can look at it as subsidized training. Your CV must look packed now. (Also, you wisely left "capacity building" off of the Worlds Touch homepage). At first when you told me your salary, I was stunned. Even 20 years ago, I couldn't live on that. But then right after I read the US unemployment figures--and they keep getting worse. There were probably hordes competing for that job.

That looks like a cool bag. Did you name-check it? Can you wheel it? Anyway, I'm so glad you've put links to your packing tips. I have been thinking about packing. I will read through hoping you have answers to my packing puzzle, which can't be my problem alone. I suspect the culprit is dirty laundry. For 1, 2 weeks in warm parts of Asia, I pack very light. I get compliments on my little bag. I know: put heavy stuff in the bottom, roll up clothing, dual-use nightshirt,triple-use sarong, yadda yadda, though in original packing, I never take things in and out, trying to reach the perfect load factor. Packing is so boring.

But how about the re-packing factor as the trip progresses? Why does it get so difficult when I'm not adding anything new? I just got back from the Perhentian islands. I bought nothing there, not so much as a paperback. There is nothing to buy there. For the final push home, I had to shove articles of clothing into my carry-on knapsack because I couldn't close the bigger bag otherwise. And the bigger bag has a big outside zippered pocket too.

Whew ... that was windy, wasn't it? The difference, of course, is that in the final journey I have dirty laundry. What is the weary traveler supposed to do? Spread it out over 3 or 4 plastic bags and shape around other items? Plan for dirty laundry space in the first place? Forget the plastic bags altogether since I'll be home soon enough? Does not particularly dirty laundry expand?

This does not qualify as a pressing concern. Enjoy India.

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