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I think with your already frugal ways, you can make it, without too much effort, on $800 per month, especially if you can get that place owned by the Baptist Church for $250/month.

Some thoughts about figuring out your REAL income and costs of your Experiment...

It doesn't look like you're going to make contributions to the mortgage on your Blain St residence while you're doing this Experiment...so when you go and spend weekends there, that would be a "cost" item, in the same way as doing laundry there would. It's a cost to JF and it's an "in-kind" income to you.

In fact, anything that you get free during the month-from JF (mortgage share, your Y fees, etc.) from the food pantry, the soup kitchen, etc., should be assigned a $ value and considered as "in-kind income" to you and needs to be added to your $800 income per month. That way, you can get a more accurate value of your REAL/TOTAL income and costs.


Do you do this kind of thing? The bookkeeping sounds like a headache, but you're right that it's great to get a true picture...Plus, everybody working in nonprofit orgs needs to think this way all the time, and keep track! Still...I get a sort of lazy resistance to the idea, but I will try.


You are right about the angelfoodministries..the 30 dollars seems like a little but if you don't eat what is in the package it is worthless and besides when I looked into it I found I could use that 30 dollars and get way more at Cloverleaf or Dollar Bottom store...most likely any store... Every eat the spam fried ...yummy , I remember as a kid having that for supper...I still like it....

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