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Dan Bassill

Thanks for introducing yourself on the http://tutormentor.blogspot.com blog. I hope you'll blog with me during August, talking about how volunteers are needed in small organizations like yours, and how these volunteers can serve as tutors, mentors, coaches, fund raisers and leaders.

As we do this, we can draw volunteers to programs, and also show how important it is for leadership staff to be available who can support the involvement of many different types and skills of volunteers.

Non profits are expected to produce first class results, but without the type of business work force, or financial resources, that are available in the for profit world. To me, that means that those who manage volunteers, need extra skills. These grow with experience.

If donors want the results our agencies were set up to produce, they need to make the long term investments in staff that enable us to develop a volunteer-based workforce, and to focus it on doing this work.

If more non profit leaders will write about this at key times each year, our collective voice can have a greater impact than each of us telling this story on our own.

Dan Bassill

Hi Patricia,

On my blog I point to examples of students acting as journalists, teling the story and helping us recruit volunteers and donors.

On the home page of http://www.tutormentorexchange.net I've added a flash animation of one of the PPT essays I created. This work was done by an intern from Hong Kong Baptist University, working with me for the summer.

These illustrate ways that youth serving organizations can engage their own youth in building visibility and drawing volunteers and donors to programs. I encourage you to apply this in your own program's efforts.

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