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Check out this web-based database for non-profits, it is free for smaller data sets (50 records) and pretty cheap anyway, the UI looks quite good: www.wildapricot.com


You'll have to be more than this to move me away from the Organizer's Database for membership and donor management. I'm not limited to 50 records to get the free version, and it has all the features that this one does.


What a thoughtful idea. Thanks so much for this list, whether exhaustive or not it's certainly a good start and stimulates my thinking as I prepare for my next vacation, so to speak. All the best to you and your projects, Nia. :)

Gil Heiman

Thanks for this comprehensive and useful list.

Although biased, as I work for Collanos, I do recommend adding our free software solution, Collanos Workplace, to the list under Teamwork or Team Collaboration Solutions.

With Collanos workspaces you can share any files, have online discussions, and manage tasks, all in a single, consolidated space.
Built on peer-to-peer technology, Collanos Workplace software allows you to work anywhere, anytime, both online and offline.

Users will have the option to subscribe to premium features as we release them in the future but the base version will always be free and more functionality will added to this base version.

linux photoshop

The list are great but the one thing that amazed me is Open Office, you can do all of your projects at the same rate as Microsoft Office.

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