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hey, i also find time tracking to be a bother. i was thinking of writing my own tool similar to the one you mention here, but maybe i won't need to now.

we were looking at activecollab for our project management stuff recently. one big disadvantage we found is that you have to host it yourself (as opposed to the mostly-non-free, non-open source application activecollab is modeled after, basecamp).


What's the problem with hosting it yourself? I've heard of some other solutions, but this one looked the most interesting.


hosting it yourself means you either need your own server that you maintain or that you need to be able to use an external server (this should be possible with some webhosting packages).

after you have purchased webspace with a suitable host or have committed to running your own server, then you still need to install activecollab on the server you'll be using (which may involve also installing prereqs like php). to me this seems like a hassle.

especially so when there is a similar product that can be set up just by filling out a form online (https://signup.projectpath.com/signup/Free)

but maybe it wouldn't be as bad as i think. so if you install activecollab and find that it isn't so bad, please let me know.

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