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Bob Alston

I believe that doing pro bono work for nonprofits is an excellent way to build credability, build successful work history and references. Sometimes such will even lead into "for fee" work. It has for me.

I also think that nonprofits want IT help from someone who is experienced. A person right out of school may lack some of the experience that nonprofits are really after. That is why in your case doing work for other nonprofits, even pro bono, to serve as examples of what you can do - as well serve as a reference for you - is important.

I have found after working in multiple mid size and large cities that there is often a nonprofit tech assistance group. Sometimes part of the United Way, sometimes NPower, sometimes an independent group. Suggest you find out what there is in your area.

Of course, contacting the local United Way is highly recommended, at least in the USA. United Way contacts have brought work - both pro bono and for profit - to me.



Wow, thanks for sharing this! I'm sure Emily will find it useful.

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